Advertising Rates

Pricing Policy - One time setup fee

TYPE (click for sample) PRICE*
One Picture $225.00
Two Pictures $250.00
Three Pictures $275.00
Four Pictures $300.00

Subscription rate is $20.00* per month

* - plus applicable sales tax

Ad Content and Term

  • Index entry by type
  • One to Four pictures (see above)
  • One to Four comments (see above)
  • Zip code map
  • Clickable email address (if available)
  • Clickable home page link (if available)

    Users with existing home pages ONLY have a $25.00 one time setup fee for link to their home page plus subscription rate of $20.00 per month.

    Subscriptions are for and ALL area sites.

    Additionally, Real Estate users with sale and rentals listings on our database can use functions to display their listings on their home pages.

    Please Note - The user is solely responsible for maintaing their pages.

    Please Note!!!

    • We reserve the right to reject all or part of your ad!
    • We reserve the right to terminate existing ads!
    • Ads will automatically start 2 days after entry for review