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Charlies Bar & Restaurant

Meet your friends at Charlies!

Charlies Bar & Restaurant

800 Shore Road
Somers Point

(609) 927-FOOD (3663)

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Surf Buggy Centers

For all your rental needs at the Shore

Surf Buggy Centers

2151 Rt 50

(800) 976-5679

Wallace Hardware

Wallace Hardware

751 West Avenue
Ocean City

(609) 399-2227

Gifted by the Sea

Gifted by the Sea

6115 Long Beach Blvd
Beach Haven

(609) 342-0219

Tuckahoe Bike Shop Sea Isle City

Tuckahoe Bike Shop Sea Isle City

4010 Pleasure Ave
Sea Isle City

(609) 263-3186

Oves Restaurant & Bike & Beach Rentals

Oves Restaurant & Bike & Beach Rentals

4th Street & Boardwalk
Ocean City

(609) 398-3712

Creative Window Design Center

Interior Designer by Creative Window

Creative Window Design Center

834 Asbury Ave
Ocean City

(609) 399-7602

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801 Asbury Avenue, Suite 512
Ocean City, NJ 08226
(800) 234-7653

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